Mom, Dad & Me


Water Adjustment & Basic Skills (Mom, Dad and Me)

6 months – 4 years old

(This learning phase normally takes 16-48 lessons; frightened children may take longer).

This is the foundation class for all parents and their young swimmers.  The 2 day a week format follows the natural learning progression of the child – offering a little bit of practice multiple days of the week.  Consistency is the key to safe and happy acquisition of skills at these young ages.  Not only are the children learning, but the parents are gaining proficiency in working with their children in the water.

The first step of this class is to adjust your child socially to the other children, parents and instructors in the group.  Parents will learn how to properly hold their child.  The children will learn water adjustment skills as well as the above water skills of jumping, reaching, grabbing, blowing bubbles, kicking, climbing out of the pool, shimmying along the pool edge, etc.  Slowly, they will learn facial immersion, coupled with learning to hold their breath.  These classes will begin to guide the parent and child through some initial apprehension and basic skills, and will give you the confidence to practice at home since these skills require your year-round attention.  For many children, simply overcoming their fear if the water will be the initial goal of this class, and for others it will be propelling themselves several feet through the water.  And though we are setting the foundation for learning skills that will eventually make your child safer in the water.  Within this class, we wish to provide an enriching and healthy activity through which you child will benefit in many ways.

Children should remain at this level until they can kick through the water for 5 seconds while comfortably holding their breath with their face in the water.

All of these courses are group format with parent or caregiver in the water.

We believe infants, toddlers and tykes benefit most through our group classes, as they provide a positive learning experience through “peer learning” and an encouraging social atmosphere.  Our unique format with a parent in the water acting as “co-teacher” for each child ensures security in the child.  It also allows for maximum efficiency in class and correct home practice later.  Fun, bonding and family sharing.

Parents or caregiver must be in the water for this course.