Programs & Lessons

Classes offered in Pine Castle!

Lane 4 Swim School is dedicated to addressing your child as a whole, setting a strong foundation. We create comfortable, relaxed swimmers, but more importantly well -adjusted, happy human beings. We foster children’s love of the water, teaching them skills and safety through gentle games and play.

Teaching children how to swim based on games, songs and play is the joyful way we share our love of the water with your family. Our ultimate goal is to have them be able to jump into the pool, turn around and swim to the wall, swim the length of the pool, take a breath by themselves and swim to the bottom of the pool to retrieve a toy. Private classes are a great way to help your children reach a particular swimming goal the family has. They are also great for families that are busy and on the go because they can be tailored to reach your individual needs.

Q: How do I contact you with further questions?

Text or Call us at: 407-717-9922

Email us at:

Q: How much do lessons cost?

Private Classes:

15 minutes: $25 (under two years old)

30 minutes $40 (over two years old)


Private Classes with Jillian Wilkins:

15 minutes: $30 (under two years old)

30 minutes $45 (over two years old)


Group Classes

8 classes = $200.00 (twice a week for 4 weeks)

4 classes = $100.00 (once a week for 4 weeks)

To Schedule

Email us at with your ideal times and days for classes. She will inform you on the availability around those times and confirm what is best for your family.   Limited availability and self-scheduling is also available through our website. But if you don’t see something that works for you, just email and ask us!