Q: When can I sign up for lessons?

You can sign up anytime for lessons. Group classes are offered in month sessions. We recommend signing up early for classes because they fill up fast. Private lessons can start anytime.

Q: How do I register for lessons?

You can register by yourself online or contact us to help you register. OrlandoSwimSchool@gmail.com

Q: How do I pay for lessons?

We request all classes are paid for online before the class takes place. You can pay with a credit or debit card. All major credit cards are accepted.

Q: Why do you charge, in advance for lessons when I sign up?

Because our schedule is very full, we cannot reserve a spot without payment. For your benefit and for scheduling purposes we cannot allow clients to hold spots and then drop out at the last minute. We determine our staffing needs and class schedule based on enrollment.

Q: Do you offer make-ups for missed group classes?

Yes! The third Saturday of each month we offer make up classes for sick days, rain days, etc. If we are forced to cancel a class due to weather or pool chemical issues we will offer another make up class on the 4th Saturday of the month as well.

Q: Do you offer refunds, credits or transfers at Lane 4 Swim School?

Due to operational costs, no refund, credits or transfers will be issued at Lane 4 Swim School.

Q: How long does my child attend lessons?

Some parents choose to enroll their children in just a month of classes, others choose to have their children in classes every month we are open (March – October). The more consistently your child is exposed to water, the more comfortable and well-rounded swimmer they will become. Our swim lesson levels have been developed with the intent for children to be exposed to the class 8-16 times before they can successfully complete the skills and are ready for the next level. Please be aware that every child learns at their own pace and some may need little longer to learn the skills than others.

Q: If I want to pull out of lessons, can you guarantee that my day, time and teacher will still be available when I return?

When you choose to pull out of lessons that spot is now available to other students to book into. We will do our best to work with your schedule and your request for specific teachers but we cannot guarantee that there will be a spot for you when you return. If you are extremely inflexible with your day, time and teacher choice then we suggest you stay in lessons even if you are going to miss a few classes. We will offer you a make-up lesson for each class you miss. Throughout the year, those few lessons that you miss will not hinder your child learning to swim as much as pulling out of lessons all-together would.

Q: Now that I can enroll at any time, what happens when my child gets put in a class with other children that have been there for a while and are more advanced then my child?

We run on monthly sessions at Lane 4 Swim School. Therefore we know what skills your child should be doing in order to get placed in a specific level. All of our teachers have been trained to split teach levels (meaning some classes may be a blend of two similar levels or various skills). There isn’t always a “cookie cutter” level for students to fit in when they sign up. We are very flexible in working with each child’s individual strengths and weaknesses within each level. We are also constantly evaluating the students and making adjustments to help each child in the learn-to-swim process. Level names are changed as soon as the children advance beyond the skills required for that class.

Q: Do I need to change classes when my child changes levels?

You will need to sign up for each month of classes. We will speak to you about looking for a class more appropriate for your child once he or she is ready to move onto the next level. Most of classes are offered 3-4 different times a week and we will help you find a class that fits your families busy schedule.

Q: What if my class has only one or student?

If a group class has only one or two students enrolled in it we do reserve the right to consolidate that class. (The same policy goes for semi-private lessons with only 1 enrolled student)

Q: Can you guarantee my request for my favorite teacher?

Some of our students and many of our parents have become attached to their teachers. Our teachers are wonderful and we continue to make decisions regarding where teachers are placed based on our effort to provide the best swim experience possible for everyone. We know that different students respond to different teaching personalities. We will always try to accommodate these needs. We cannot guarantee a teacher and we will always reserve the right to change teachers if necessary.

Q: What happens when a teachers schedule changes during the course of that year but I can’t change my day and time?

All of our teachers go through an extensive hiring process and training period at Lane 4 Swim School. They are all extremely qualified in teaching children how to swim and be safe in the water. We understand that you may have specific requests and we will do our best to meet those needs. However, we cannot control events that may occur in our teacher’s lives that may require them to change their schedules occasionally.