“Lane 4 has been such a blessing to our family.  Both our sons have been swimming since they were 6 months old.  in 2010, we were seeking a “Mommy and Me” class to help our preemie develop strength for crawling.  Swimming enhanced the boys’ gross motor milestones as babies and toddlers.  Singing songs and playing with toys in during swim instruction enriched language development as they learned to swim.  This year, our 5 year old is developing and advancing with all 4 strokes.  Our 3 year old can dive to 8 foot depths independently.  We love the water and it is great knowing our kids are confident swimmers early.  Learning to swim early can save lives.”   – Jessica Knight

“Lane 4 Swim School is incredible!  Jillian and her instructors have a way of making swim lessons fun while learning valuable skills. I am amazed how quickly my daughter has learned to swim. I highly recommend the program to anyone.” -Barbara Silverman

“All three of my children have had swimming lessons with Ms. Jill over the past 5 years.  Learning how to swim is vital for safety reasons and I cannot thank Jill and her team enough for educating my children in water safety and the ability to swim.  Jill is extremely patient with the children (even when one has a melt-down). Swimming is fun at Ms. Jill’s and my kids are excited to go! I have recommend Lane 4 Swim School to all the parents I know and everyone has been extremely satisfied with the classes and the results.” -Danielle Cox




“Our experience with Lane 4 Swim School has been absolutely wonderful. Our 4 year old was scared of water and didn’t want it anywhere near her face.  After 8 lessons she was swimming across the pool by herself. The instructors are the best a parent could ask for -safety-focused, kind, patient, fun, experienced, and motivational. Thank you so very much!” -Lynn Lassiter

“Swimming with Jillian has been such a life changing experience for me. I cannot say enough good things about her. She has truly shared her love of the water with me. And for that I am grateful. ” – Teresa Grashoff









Dear Jillian,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the tremendous gift that you have given to my family. Because of your caring and child-centered approach to teaching swimming lessons, Rylee and Reid love the water, are confident in their swimming skills and have no fears about the water. This was never more apparent to us than on Wednesday evening.

Like most two-year-olds, Reid is fearless and like most mothers of two-year-olds, I am fearful. My husband and I often joke that Reid missed the memo that he is only two because he swims all over without regard for anything and he just goes, thinking he is ready for the Olympics! This is certainly a change from a few months ago. You may recall that when we first learned in January that we were going to be buying our new home with a pool, my first phone call was to you. I expressed my concerns to you about my children not knowing how to swim and I even said that if my two-year-old ever falls in the pool, I want him to be able to survive. You assured me that you could help us putting my mind and heart at ease almost immediately.

As parents, my husband and I had hoped that our children would gain the necessary skills to swim and be safe in the water, but we never hoped that they would have to use them for anything besides having fun. We did, however, want them to be ready if God forbid, they ever needed them. Thanks to your methodology, Reid was ready, willing and able to use the skills that you have taught him when he needed them the most. When he fell in the pool on Wednesday, he sank to the bottom. When he came back up to the surface, he did not cry, and he did not panic. Instead, he swam directly to the steps and got out. He took off his wet shirt and handed it to his dad as if to say that the only unusual element was that he had a wet shirt! This was an incredible response from a young child who could have just drowned. Your instruction not only taught him how toswim but also how to react positively upon hitting the water. This reaction was extremely important in this situation. Sixth months ago, I am positive that with the exact same situation the outcome would have been much different and could have been tragic.

You have always been Rylee and Reid’s biggest cheerleader and now we are your biggest cheerleaders. You have a gift in your ability to work with children and teach them to not only swim but to love the water as well. Thanks to you sharing your gift with my family, we still have our giffrom God. Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do. You will always hold a very special place in our hearts.

Rebecca McDaid